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Vintage 2017 Results

During the 2017 vintage, Kakheti Region farmers have already earned 32.2mln GEL from sales of grapes to winemaking companies.

As of 10 o’clock of September 14, companies have processed 29.7 thousand tons of grapes in Kakheti Region, including 12 000 tons of Rkatsiteli, 14.8 thousand tons of Saperavi, 1.2 thousand tons of Kakhetian Green and so on.

According to National Wine Agency, daily processing exceeded 4.2 thousand tons and this signifies the vintage has entered active phase in Kakheti Region. At this stage, the vintage coordination board has registered 157 winemaking companies, of which 79 ones are participating in the grapes processing. 

As reported, Government of Georgia has stopped subsidizing vintage in Kakheti Region. At the same time, winemaking companies will receive 35 Tetri compensation if they pay 70 Tetri for one kilogram of Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Green for production of brandy spirits and concentrated grapes syrup. 

Interested bodies are able to receive additional information about the vintage on the hotline of Ministry of Agriculture – 1501.