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Tourists are Inspired by Megruli Kharcho and Nuts Sorbet

Georgian traditional cuisine is one of the richest and diverse cuisines worldwide. For many years Georgia has not only maintained its dishes, but also introduced the on foreign markets. As a result, Georgia was mentioned in the top list the most delicious European cuisines developed by the US edition the Thrillist.

In the rating Georgia ranked fourth after Italy, France and Spain among 48 European countries and  surpassed gastronomic achievements of such countries as Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary and Greece. The edition named Khachapuri as a key forward of Georgian national cuisine.

“We have 50 dishes in our menu and foreign tourists are inspired by Megruli Kharcho and Nuts Sorbet,”Nata Nizharadze, PR manager for Qalaqi restaurant said.

Our restaurant has menus developed by French chef with Micheline star Nikolai Isnard and his team member Devi Tavernier. For a year our chefs were working on studying Georgian tastes and developing Georgian fusion. As a result of these efforts, we have developed a unique menu for Qalaqi restaurant. We have both traditional dishes, fusion of Georgian dishes, very tasteful samples of world cuisines and gastronomic menu, developed exclusively by Micheline star owner chef Nikoalui Isnard for us.  French chefs have worked on making dishes lighter for foreign clients. Megruli Kharcho is one of similar dishes and foreign visitors are inspired by it.

In our restaurant we have two sorts of Megruli Kharcho – the first one, for those who fast and another – with meat. Nuts Sorbet is a product developed by our chefs and their friends. This is an exclusive product for us. Nuts Sorbet is added to Megruli Kharcho, which is melted and dish is distributed equally.

Ghomi with lemon gel inspire foreign visitors, as it adds special piquantness to this dish. We can openly take pride in this dish. Our chefs have developed unique menu. Even Khachapuri with changed structure is the most delicious dish at our restaurant, Nata Nizharadze said.