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Tickets for Aerosmith Concert to Cost GEL 70-400

Tickets for Aerosmith Concert to Cost GEL 70-400

According to the Director of the concert hall Black Sea Arena Dmitry Beridze, the cost of tickets for the performance of the American rock band Aerosmith will be lower than the average in Europe – GEL 70-400.

According to him, a small correction in prices is not excluded due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, but the overall cost will be approximately at the same level.

“Tickets are divided into 2 categories – low and medium categories from GEL 70 to 200, VIP zone –  GEL 300-400. Ticket sales will begin in February. The exact date is still unknown, since we are in talks with companies that will sell e-tickets,” – he says.

Regarding the commercial benefits of the project, the Director of the concert hall notes that a third of the amount spent by the state on the organization of the show, will return to the budget in taxes, about 15% – from ticket sales. In addition, there will be an indirect benefit – the business will receive from this concert extra income, taxes from which  will also be transferred to the budget,” – Dmitry Beridze explains.

In his words, the economic effect will be much higher than public spending.

“After the show, “Black Sea Arena, the Tourism Administration and Cheek in Georgia program will prepare a report on   the concert’s impact on the region and the whole country,” – he says.

At the same time, according to the Director of “Bravo Records” production company Zaza Shengelia, the Georgian side spends about 40% more for the concert than it should be. In response, the head of the “Black Sea  Arena” says  that a  maximum amount of GEL 5, 5 million was allocated for the concert  and it does not mean that it will be fully spent.

“In addition, we should not forget that this amount includes not only a fee for the group, but also numerous related costs. For example, only the flights cost $ 200 000, plus  transportation of equipment, accommodation and much more. This amount also includes taxes, as a production company is foreign and because of that we pay 10% to the budget. We also pay VAT on ticket sales. It is possible that GEL 5, 5 million will not be spent and the portion of the amount will return to the budget,” – says  Dmitry Beridze.

According to him, the concert will have a considerable economic impact, for which it  is actually organized.

“To attend the concert,  a lot of tourists will come to  the Black Sea coast, hotels and restaurants will work actively in  these days. All this will bring additional income to the business and the budget,” – Beridze points out.

A concert of the American rock band “AEROSMITH” is scheduled for May 20, 2017 at the “Black Sea Arena “concert hall in the  seaside resort of Shekvetili. A total of GEL 5.5 million are planned to be allocated from the state budget for the concert.

The cost of tickets for the concert in Georgia is significantly lower than in other countries. For example, in Tel Aviv- it reaches $  80-230 , in Moscow – $ 33- 500, in Berlin – 100 euros,  in Munich – 100-160 euros.