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Tibaanuri – Most Unique Cheese

Tibaanuri cheese was presented at Georgian Culture Week in London by a suggestion from Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture. The Georgian cheese received significant appreciation in London and was declared the Most Unique Cheese.

It is no secret that red wine goes well with cheese and no one will argue this issue. Accordingly, this is the exact reason why “Tibaanuri” cheese, made using French-Georgian methods, is dipped in Saperavi (Georgian red wine) and then matured.

Manana Khatiashvili launched a small enterprise with partial financing from USAID in village Tibaani of Sighnaghi Georgia, in 2008. She set up a dairy processing plant along with few friends. As the entrepreneur said, initially they produced only Georgian cheese and sulguni (Georgian soft cheese similar to mozzarella), later they decided to create their own unique mark and started age cheese in red wine.

Tibaani village is famous for its wine and because red wine and cheese pair well, we decided to mature our cheese in red wine,”- Said Manana Khatiashvili.

According to Manana, they have also tried to age cheese in white wine as well, but eventually preferred the red. Red wine makes cheese more piquant due to its color and ingredients. After processing cheese in wine, it should be dried well. When the cheese is dried it becomes firm and the top layer develops noble mould. This unique cheese has gained popularity very quickly.

“This can be considered one step forward to our aim of exporting cheese abroad. At present we have not managed to accomplish this goal, because our product should first satisfy European standards,”- Noted the director of the enterprise.