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Human Library – Youth Project to Strengthen Public Involvement

The project Human Library aims to raise awareness about various issues in the society, break stereotypes, widen world views and strengthen public involvement. The event is organized by Youth Association DRONI and it will take place on the 4th of June, in Fabrika.

At the event,you will see neither thick, nicely designed new books, nor old, worn out books. You will find yourself in a completely different world, where real people will tell you stories. They want to share their stories with you and become those characters that will let you open the pages of the most thrilling parts of their lives.

“We believe there are changes to make in our society. We need to develop and function better in our current reality. The event organized by volunteers from Youth Association DRONI, is an unique opportunity to raise our consciousness about issues which matter for us all and fight against social stigma” – declared project coordinator, Ana Sirbiladze. 

This year, Human Library offers books about following issues: Domestic violence, atheism, veganism, environmental protection, activism, queer theory and etc.

Project Coordinator: Ana Sirbiladze

Tel:  +995 599 95 90 20
Email: sirbiladze.ana@gmail.com