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Tbilisi Residents about Disturbances from Noise

On June 28 Parliament of Georgia adopted law on noise. The law will come into force on august 15. Before August 1, the Government plans to prepare technical regulations to determine an allowed verge of decibels.

In case of exceeding admissible noise level, the body will receive a warning, while the repeated case will be fined.

ACT inquired how noise disturbs Tbilisi residents, what kind of noise is the most disturbing and whether they support imposing sanctions on guilty facilities. 

The survey has found that a half part of Tbilisi residents (48%) are disturbed by noise. 27% noted that vehicle noise is the most disturbing factor, while 15% is disturbed by noise from neighbors. 7-8% named noise coming from production and entertainment zones.

Tbilisi residents mainly complain about noise occurring form 12 to 3 o’clock at night.
67% of the respondents agree to impose fines on noisy individuals and facilities, while 23% asserts that no sanctions should be applied.