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Tbilisi – Batumi Trip, Prices and Duration (Infographics)

The fastest way to get to Batumi is by plane. Duration of the flight is 45 minutes and the price constitutes 150 GEL. 

Here are some tips to get to Batumi.

By plane


Batumi International Airport is located 2 km south of the city.

By bus

Buses and minibuses (marshutkas) operate regularly between Batumi and Tbilisi. Travel time is around 6 hours. The fare is 20 Lari. The scenery along the way is interesting. The best place to take the marshutka in Tbilisi is from Didube metro station, exit the station and you will get bombarded by people asking where you are going, just tell them and they will find you the right bus. They leave approximately every hour. But they will wait until the bus has enough passengers on it before they leave. The ride can be a bit rough, so if you get travel sick, definitely take something for it before you leave.

By car

Road transportation from outside of the country is possible from the neighboring countries Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

By train

Georgian Railways operates trains between Batumi and Tbilisi. Night train leaves Tbilisi at 22:25 and arrives in Batumi’s Makhinjauri Station at 7:05 the next morning. First class sleeping wagon costs 40 GEL (2 people per cabin), second class costs 23 GEL (4 people per cabin). The berths are a little short, narrow and hard but rather comfortable, and linen is provided if you ask for them early enough in the train.

Train tickets can be bought at the station or from an office in the old town at 5 General Mazniashvili St (between Melashvili and Abashidze). This office is very plain and nondescript with no signs in English. The door and window frames are green and some metal chairs are visible inside. Hours are 09:00 to 18:00.

By Bike

There are a few adventurous cyclists passing through Batumi (Spring 2014 average 2+ per week). The road from Batumi to Khulo is mountainous and sometimes the road after Khulo is closed (construction Spring 2014). Consider contacting the Khulo municipality if you were planning on biking the southern road between Batumi-Tblisi. There are two reasonably priced and knowledgeable bike shops on Pushkin Avenue, in addition to other more trendy shops in the old city.

See our Infographics below: