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Giorgi Sarajishvili

Several Georgian Dishes and Sauces have Huge Potential to be Recognized Abroad

Georgian traditional cuisine is one of the richest and diverse cuisines worldwide. For many years Georgia has not only maintained its dishes, but also introduced the on foreign markets. As a result, Georgia was mentioned in the top list the most delicious European cuisines developed by the US edition the Thrillist.

In the rating Georgia ranked fourth after Italy, France and Spain among 48 European countries and  surpassed gastronomic achievements of such countries as Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary and Greece. The edition named Khachapuri as a key forward of Georgian national cuisine.

Chef Giorgi Sarajishvili pointed out that Ajika, unique Georgian sauce is made in Georgia from seasonings that grow only in our country, for example, yellow flower.

«Many other dishes and sauces have the same potential to be recognized abroad. For example:  tomato sauce, Kebab sauce, blackberry Tkemali, raspberry Tkemali, which are innovative products. Moreover, we have peach Adjika, apricot Adjika and this process tends to move to fusion,  based on traditional dishes. From my experience, pumpkin and almond sauce is also very interesting for foreign consumers. I would also mention pastry – Adjarian Khachapuri, Khabidzgina, Pkhlovana, Svanetian Khachapuri. As to dinners, I would name Kalia, which is an ancient dish. Moreover, Chakapuli, Kharcho, Elarji would be interesting for foreign consumers, as well as Pheasant Chakapuli, which was cooked with  pomegranate juice in the period of King Vakhtang Gorgasali.