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Run For Peace! – the Race Started with this Motto from Aghmashenebeli Avenue

 On the 17th of September, the race took the start of “Run for Peace” from Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue, organized by the Corporate Georgian Sports Federation and Georgian Confederation of Martial Arts.

The event was arranged within the framework of the project “Run Georgia”, in which participated martial arts sportsmen, as well as any interested person.

The gathering of athletes and amateurs began in the morning with more than 500 volunteers participated. Among them were Mikheil Kavelashvili, Chairman of Sports and Youth Affairs Committee, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Tbilisi City Council representatives, Partner Organizations and Media.

”Within our project Be Active In Georgia ”Run for Peace” was held. This is exactly what our country needs: more active, more cheerful, healthy and happy society. Program “of corporate Sports Federation” and the initiative of the Youth and Sports Committee was set up, aimed at the public in promoting healthy lifestyles and running, “- the program indicates the importance and necessity of Corporate Sports Federation Secretary of Zurab Bokolishvili.

Be Active In Georgia will present a variety of thematic segments like Run Georgia, Fitness Festival, Sportsway Tourism Conference, World Walking Day, Games of Heroes – Tracking Tournament, Take Back Your Streets, Martial Arts Festivals, Beauty Race, Run with the stars, Charity Race, Race of the night, the night of Batumi Race, wine road mileage, school races,etc.

This is a program that will promote the development of mass sport and the physical recovery of the society, which is directly related to improving the country’s social and economic situation. The age of the participants is not limited, the youngest participant is 6 years old, and the oldest was 87 years old,”-  says President of Corporate Sports Federation Paata Tsivadze.

“I have an opportunity to have more information about the situation in the country. It is quite a dangerous indicator. Our population is quite passive and they need more sports activities. At this stage it is encouraging to make jogging and healthy life as a lifestyle. We need to be active. Today’s race was only 2 kilometers, we should not be lazy, we must exercise, and train every day, “said Mikheil Kavelashvili, chairman of the parliamentary sports and youth affairs committee.

”Run for Peace” has finished. Another entertaining activities are coming up like: ”Fitness Day” and ”Run with the Stars”.