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Rose Revolution Square May Be Renamed into Square of Republic

The former appellation of the Square of Republic may be returned to the Rose Revolution Square in Tbilisi. Tevdore Kobakhidze, head of the Tbilisi Council legal commission, has already submitted the due bill.

The bill’s appendix reads:

“As known in 2005 the Square of Republic was renamed into the Rose Revolution Square.

It should be noted that the constitutional organization of Georgia is a democratic republic. Moreover, Georgia as an assignee of the first republic announced in 1918.

This specific geographic location was named as  Square of Republic in 1983 and the place was known as Square Republic for 22 years.

The appellation has been deeply enrooted in the mind of Georgian citizens, even after this place was renamed into Rose Revolution Square in 2005.

The widespread world practice should be also taken into account, as in EU, as well as in our neighboring countries, there are squares  that  express the form of state organization of these countries. For example, Square of Republic exists in the center of Paris, France. The Square of Republic also exists in the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan since 1926.

Therefore, the former name of Square of Republic should be returned to the above-mentioned geographical location in Tbilisi”, the address by Kobakhidze reads.