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The Resort Gomarduli is still Seized

The case of the ski resort of Gomardul is still unsolved. Despite the promises of the government of Adjara, the resort is still paralyzed due to a seizure.  

A representative of the  joint stock company Gomardul Badri Katamadze said late last year that   after the company received a vague answer from  the Ministry of Economy, it appealed  for help to the central government. In his words, the company got a response from  the Economy Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office a few days ago  stating  that the business ombudsman’s office will deal with the issue.

Katamadze believed that the resort’s case will be solved  positively since the government  has begun construction and restoration of the access road to the Gomarduli resort

When asked today why the removal of the lien from the resort was delayed, and whether promises of Adjara government officials will remain just promises, Katamadze says that currently all documents are being prepared to be submitted to the Finance and Economy Ministry. Gomardul representative believes that until the spring the government will keep its promise and remove the seizer from the resort. Katamadze says that this year’s spring rehabilitation at the resort will begin.

In Katamadze’s words, the issue of liabilities imposed on the shareholders by the Revenue Service is still unsolved as well. Katamadze can not specify in detail when the resort rehabilitation will be competed, what amount of investment will be spent for this purpose and what kind of infrastructure will be arranged, however, notes that the number of cottages will be added as well as a stadium and a swimming pool will be built.

Note: Director of the resort Jemal Darchidze told Commersant in 2014  that  the Revenue Department  imposed a tax on land in the amount of GEL 126 000 that was not included  in the 2011contract.

Darchidze said  that  in July 2011 they purchased 52 acres of land for a symbolic price of GEL 1.According to the oral agreement  with the former President Mikheil Saakashvili, the joint-stock company Gomarduli  was  exempted from any taxes in the next 15 years. But due to non-payment of a fine imposed on the  company a year ago, the company’s  movable and immovable property was seized  by Khelvachauri  court decision.

Commersant tried to find out at the Government Administration and the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Adjara Autonomous Republic whether the government plans to develop the Gomarduli resort and on what terms.

According to the Ministry officials, the government of Adjara has sent a request to the Economic Council to  exempt Gomarduli from paying the land tax. According to the decision taken at the Council, the Revenue Service was recommended to free “Gomarduli Ltd.” from paying a fine for tax evasion on land.

The Ministry said then that  negotiations were underway between the company and the Revenue Service. After the two sides sign the Agreement Act, the seizure will be lifted from the company.