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New York Times features East Village Toné-Café in its Article

This is slow food recast as fast food, New York Times writes about the Georgian Toné-Café that opened in East Village this April, and is the offshoot of the same café located in Brooklyn, where many Georgians and post-Soviet population lives today.

The restaurant is the first of its kind, aiming at making the Georgian ‘Feast food’ or ‘Supra’ available in a fast-food format. The owners wanted to bring the Georgian food outside of Brooklyn and they succeeded. New York Times writes of the small dishes not exceeding $10 that are offered at Toné-Café:

Nevertheless, it is a feast. In those tubs are chakapuli, knobs of veal long simmered in white wine under a lily-pad-like canopy of tarragon, with a bittersweet tang from tkemali (sour plums); chabostnili, a loose alliance of eggplant, tomatoes and sweet peppers, each fried separately to maintain its identity, with common threads of saffron and fenugreek; and chahohbili, chicken in a tomato ragù dusky with khmeli-suneli, a spice blend that lends the warming contours of Indian curry without the chile sting.

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The ajarulis made at Toné-Café are lovingly described as “baby-ajaruli” by the New York Times, that compares the sizes of the ajarulis that can be found in different spots in Manhattan.

We at CBW are always glad to hear of the Georgian business success abroad!