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Goderdzi Ski Resort

New Ski Resort Goderdzi Opens in Georgia

Georgia’s newest Ski resort opened yesterday, 5th of December. Georgia’s four winter resorts on the slopes of the mountainous Adjara region. This is the first time the mountain has opened as a ski resort.

The masterplan for Goderdzi  Resort  was prepared by the HOK Group, with input from Arup, King Sturge, Ecosign, ArciGeographic.

Welcoming, lively, romantic, and fun four-season destination, offering the best visitor experience in the regional market. Profitable and successful for investors and stakeholders it will be also sustainable and well-integrated within the natural environment as well as accessible and attractive to people around the world.

Goderdzi Resort, located two hours drive from the popular seaside resort town of Batumi in Georgia, is ideally situated for the creation of a four-season mountain resort. At an elevation of 2000m, the mountains are snow-covered from November to April, while the gently rolling topography of the valley floor offers plentiful development zones. Sitting at around 1700m eleveation, the resort base is below the treeline, offering an attractive and welcoming character throughout the seasons. The wilderness setting offers the visitor unique experiences, fresh-air and world-class scenery.

Pristine forested mountains create a fantastic setting in the winter, summer and, most dramatically, when the Autumn colours create an intense display.


The opportunities for ski area development have been thoroughly studied by a team of International Consultants. The Mountain Concept Plan identifies the best areas for a wide range of skiing abilities, and proposes an efficient and phased strategy of lifts to serve them