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New Boulevard Infrastructure to be Arranged in Poti

The Poti seaside line infrastructure will be renewed this summer.  3-kilometer long boulevard was already constructed in Maltakva.

At this time the second stage of the construction of the coastline is underway, which implies the withdrawal of communications, the construction of the parking lot and other works. As the City Hall states, the length of the boulevard will cover 800 meters. The cost of the second stage works is 2 654 202 GEL and it is financed from the Regional Development Fund.

“The island’s beach coastal rehabilitation project is underway simultaneously. Rehabilitation of motor and pedestrian road, arrangement of sports grounds, exercise zones, drinking water fountains, veterans’ home, parking lot and other objects are planned,”-said at Poti City Hall.

According to them, 2 129 900 GEL is allocated from the local budget of 2018 to finance infrastructural projects.