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National Food Agency Tightens Labeling Rules Control Mechanisms

 National Food Agency officials have updated representatives of major supermarkets on obligatory requirements for labeling milk, dairy products and products with milk content. Special focus was made on cheese that is widely consumed and, at the same time, it is considered to be a high-risky product.

“It is important to protect all norms of milk technical regulations. It is inadmissible that the product with herbs be sold as cheese. The Agency pays special regard to this case and will strictly control accuracy of the label information”, National Food Agency head Zurab Chekurashvili said. Agency’s authorized bodies updated representatives of trade outlets on all details of labeling. Namely, along with the product name, the label must indicate manufacturer’s identification information (name, address, identification code, production recognition number), content of product, standard number, production date, expiry date, energetic value in 100 gram of product and weight.

Violation of the mentioned standards of labeling will be subjected to law-determined sanctions.