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How Much is Tuition Fee at Private High Schools in Georgia?!

The summer season always actualizes one of the most important issues – high schools. Today, Georgia-based private educational institutions could be divided into three categories.

The first category embraces expensive schools (5000$-20000$), the second category comprises medium-priced schools  (3000-5000 GEL) and the third category unites low-cost high schools, where monthly fees start from 100 GEL and constitute about 2000 GEL a year.

The main advantage of the first category schools is that they provide various exchange programs and perspectives for continuation of studies abroad. These schools provide top-level infrastructure and comfortable education environment. All these preferences are included in the education fees.

The second category of high schools attract pupils and their parents thanks to  good infrastructure, high-paid professional teachers and diverse comprehensive curriculum.

Private schools of the third category face the same problems: invaluable infrastructure and inappropriate buildings (naturally, there are exceptions too). However, classrooms with a small number of pupils and individual working with pupils make them advantageous compared to public schools. This category of private schools may be unable to hire professors, but they oblige teachers to take maximum efforts. As a result, this approach brings beneficial results for pupils. High schools, as a rule, are selected due to residential places.

How much does it cost to carry a child to a fee-paying high school and what do they offer to parents and their children in exchange for so high fees?

British-Georgian Academy

The British-Georgian Academy consists of two schools: British-Georgian Academy and British International School.

British-Georgian Academy is a Georgian school and the teaching process proceeds in Georgian. At the I-VIII grades, the annual tuition fee makes up 4 600 USD, while the fee grows to 4 900 USD for the IX-XI grades. As to the British International School, the teaching process fully proceeds in English and invited foreign teachers carry out the academic process. The annual fees are as follows: 7 500 USD for I-II grades, 9 500 USD for III-IV grades and 10 500 USD for upper grades.

The school administration says that the advantage of the British-Georgian academy is that the school graduates receive international diplomas like Cambridge’s one and this is one of the highest level diploma worldwide.

Despite the high tuition fee, the demand for the school grows on annual basis. For example, the demand has considerably increased this year compared to the previous year, the school administration noted. There are several reasons that make the interest in our school grow, first, the curriculum that is a unique one in the Georgian reality and second, the infrastructure in the school.

“This September the British-Georgian Academy moved to a new campus at the Lisi Lake. This is a top-level infrastructural building and even this factor adds extra advantage to our school compared to other ones”, the administration noted.

The tuition fee includes meals for pupils of beginner classes, transportation services for all pupils, extended programs and all sorts of culture and sport activities.

European School

The European School comprises three various sectors: Georgian, international and American. The annual tuition fee ranges from 4 000 EUR to 8 000 EUR (depending on classes). The academic process is based on different, international programs.

All three sectors are in huge demand, the school administration noted. The Georgian sector attracts its own segment, while the category, who plans to continue studies abroad, is also numerous. They attend international and American sectors. Moreover, foreign children who reside in Georgia also attend these courses, the school administration said.

“The European School provides enhanced studying process. We have excellent infrastructure. I can say with full confidence that there is no similar high school in Georgia with such laboratories and cabinets. And this is not only of exhibitor character. These laboratories train children, hold lessons. The school is safeguarded  and this is very important for parents. No more than 15 pupils are united in each class. Two languages are taught from the first grade. The third language is introduced at the V grade” European School administration noted.

The tuition fee includes meals, transportation services and engagement in various groups.

Newton School

The annual tuition fee at Newton School makes up 4 900 GEL, despite classes. This is a standard price. This price includes meals for I-IV grade pupils, various club activities for I-XII grade pupils.

Our school’s advantage is  that all clubs are included in the fee and parents do not have to take extra costs. Despite the tuition fee amount, the quantity of pupils grows every year. Sometimes, even no places are left.

Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy in Tbilisi

The academic process in the Academy starts from the IX grade and the annual tuition fee makes up 22 000 GEL. However, pupils enjoy financial preferences too and all cases are treated on individual basis.

“Many children enjoy financial preferences at our school. This signifies we take into account incomes and solvency of all families. We provide co-financing support to talented pupils. For example, there are pupils who pay 3 000-5000 GEL and there are pupils with full financial support”, the Academy administration noted.

The tuition fee has been increased by 3 000 Gel compared to the previous year and the demand has not decreased anyway. On the contrary, the dynamics grows year to year, the administration asserts.

The list of expensive high schools also include the Caucasus French School, Buckswood International School, Iakob Gogebashvili School, British Center – St. Nicholas School. Tuition fees in these schools start from 5 500 GEL.

How much is tuition fee in US and Great Britain High Schools?

As to Foreign countries, in Great Britain averaged tuition fee makes up 12 000 GBP a year, about 40 000 GEL, under the current exchange rate. It should be noted in Great Britain averaged annual wage makes up 27 000 GBP.

In the USA, the annual tuition fee for 4-11 year old children is 8 000 USD and for 11-19 age category – 11 000 USD.