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Schuchmann Wine Bar in Tbilisi

Molecular Gastronomy and Georgian Cuisine from Schuchmann Wines

Schuchmann Wine Bar plans to update its menu in the coming year. According to the CEO of SchuchmannWines, the bar will revolutionize Georgian cuisine.

In Nutsa Abramishili’s words, Shuchmann Wine Bar will offer customers an avant-garde molecular gastronomy-based menu. According to Abramishvili, Shuchman wines is creating the necessary infrastructure to make Georgian cuisine interesting for Michelin ratings. The bar will offer a fusion of tradition Georgian dishes experimenting with new taste combinations.

Schuchmann Wine Bar opened over a year ago. The restauranaims to become a Michelin-starred enterprise, which will increase the restaurant’s class, generating more income.

Molecular gastronomy, often called, “experimental cuisine” is the most recent development in food science that investigates the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that take place during cooking. Many new innovative dishes have been created as a result of molecular gastronomy — Schumann wines promises to fuse this technique with Georgian traditional cuisine.

To get an idea of what molecular gastronomy is all about, check out this video of making a carbonated mojito sphere using molecular technique of reverse spherification:

This combined with Georgian cooking? What could the results be? Looks like we’ll find out soon enough at Schuchmann Wines Bar! Stay tuned for more details on this story.