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Marbella International University Centre Welcomes Students from Georgia

Marbella International University Centre, a newcomer in the private educational landscape in Spain, is offering world-class undergraduate and post graduate degrees to students from over 40 countries around the globe including from the republic of Georgia.

The college, located on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is a private university in the country with teaching and learning through the English language. Not only that but it also grants United Kingdom-accredited degrees in international business, marketing and advertising, international relations, media and journalism, luxury tourism, psychology and computer science through its partnership with the University of West London.

MIUC also has a few other strings to its bow, it offers students the opportunity to earn a double accreditation — from its UK partner institution (UWL) and from Bologna – with yet a third option on select courses in partnership with the prestigious Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). 

Georgian students, coming from a small, independent country located on the Black Sea and on the route of the Silk Road, will get to experience living at first hand in one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, Spain. The republic, named by the World Bank in 2007 as the world’s number one economic reformer, has consistently been ranked at the top of the Bank’s ease of doing business index ever since. This makes a new life in Spain easier to adapt to for MIUC students coming from Georgia.


Georgia has been part of the European Union‘s Free Trade Area (EUFTA) since 2014. The EU continues to be the country’s largest trading partner – accounting for over a quarter of Georgia’s total trade turnover. A university education in Spain in the areas MIUC offers – from International Business & International Relations to Marketing & Advertising to Computer Science and Psychology at Undergraduate and Post Graduate level – can only help with the ever-increasing bilateral trade that has been a marked feature of the Georgian economy since 2015.

A Georgian student will find that the international blend of MIUC, plus the international community in the Marbella area as a whole, complements the melting pot of peoples and cultures on campus. Apart from completing the degree through English the university also offers elective courses in a range of languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic that promotes the international communications flow.

With small class sizes, a proven emphasis on personalised learning and mentorship, MIUC has a strong focus on global aspects of knowledge, skills and competences tailored for the 21st century workplace.

A student-centred approach at MIUC combines small study groups with bespoke production facilities, ensuring our students are provided with the specific skill sets required to advance in today’s global world of international affairs, business and media.

The development and implementation of practical analytical thinking is given special prominence, with students being prepared for future placements within international multicultural industries.

As for the professors, courses are taught by successful academics and industry professionals who divide their time between vigorous research and innovative business practice.

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