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Photo/ Ministry of Energy of Georgia

Kartli Wind Power Station to Produce 5.5 Million kWh

“Kartli wind power station made an announcement concerning the information Georgian media spread about the 54 % effectiveness of the station.

LLC “Kartli Wind Power Station” partners “Georgian Energy Development Fund” and “Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation” took part in the implementation of the project.Partner organizations financed 30% of the project; rest of 70% was financed by the Reconstruction and Development bank.

It has to be noted that since Kartli Wind Power Station started producing electricity, it has not been stopped. The electricity produced in December  is completely transferred to Georgian Electric System (5.5 kWh).

As it is known, Wind Power Stations produce the energy depending on the wind. To start producing the energy, it takes 3 mps wind. According to the statistics of this year, the efficiency of Wind Mills Station was 54% and had one of the highest rates in the world.

In addition, there have not been any technical difficulties and wind power station functions very well. Kartli Wind Power Station produces ecologically clean and first renewable energy in Georgia.