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Innovative Construction Method Introduced in Georgia

For the first time in Georgia, experimental road construction method was used for building a 300-meter section of Ponichala-Marneuli-Guguti motorway (state border with Armenia).

According to Road Department, the new method implies road construction by use of special cement mixture. Its value per square meter is 5-6 USD that is almost twice cheaper compared to classical method.

“This method is actively used in Europe, while innovation is applied in Azerbaijan too. Moreover, this method enables to rehabilitate roads quickly and cheaply and this method makes road infrastructure stronger and is more persistent to water.

After completion of the works, due to conducted works, specialists have positively appraised this method. According to the expertise conclusion, the new method fully satisfies parameters of technical requirement.

Under new methodology, in 2017 3-km section of Kirovakan-Kumurdo road and Zhinvali-Barisakho-Shatili will be rehabilitated”, the department said.