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Giga Zedania

Harvard Budget Exceeds Georgia’s State Budget

Georgia is a special country in the Region in terms of scientific achievements. As a result, the country has advanced positions in various ratings. Namely, Ilia State University ranks first in the Caucasus Region in the rating of the world’s research institutions (SCImago Institutions Rankings), Ilia State University principal Giga Zedania noted.

The rating is topped by Harvard University. Iliauni ranks 656th in the rating and this is a satisfactory result, Zedania noted.

In terms of number of students, Harvard university could be compared to Georgian Technical University with more than 20 000 students, while the budget of Harvard University exceeds Georgia’s state budget. Harvard invests much more money in education and research projects than Government of Georgia spends on army and teachers payrolls. Any expectations that we can ever come up with Harvard University are unrealistic and we should not be angry on that, Zedania said.

Iliauni ranks 656th in the list and naturally, this is not an excellent result. However, it is not a very bad result either. Even more so we are ahead of Armenia’s best institution by 20 positions and of Azerbaijan’s best university by 40 positions; We should determine realistic objectives, boast less and do more”, Giga Zedania said.