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GWS Telavi Winery is 40 years old!

GWS Telavi Winery is 40 years old. Wines and spirits producer company, with one of the oldest history, held grand celebration for its anniversary. A media tour was organized within the Jubilee framework, where the guests got acquainted with the winery history and wine-making technology.

In addition, the guests visited pitcher and wine cask houses located on the company territory. Several types of wine were tasted here as well. Also, during the media tour the journalists had the opportunity to visit GWS vineyard in Acura Village.

The event was attended by foreign partners of the company, diplomats, members of the national Wine association, representatives of local municipality, the other officials and media. Giorgi Samanishvili, the Chairman of the National Wine Agency was among invited guests. According to him GWS was one of the first companies that started production of modern wine and actively is popularizing it.

“GWS represents one of the first companies, which switched over to production of modern wine. It has been actively operating for 20 years now and popularizing Georgian wine,”- said Giorgi Samanishvili.  

„We organized a media tour for journalists and bloggers specially for this occasion. We tasted wines Tamada, Old Tbilisi, new brand Vismino, visited vineyards and together celebrated a 40 – year jubilee of one of the oldest wineries” – said Nata Kandelaki, Brand Manager of the Company.

A film dedicated to GWS’s past and ambitions future plans was demonstrated within the celebration framework. As the company representatives stated, they had the potential to retain leader’s position on the market and proudly present the best Georgian wines abroad.


GWS – is one of the oldest and famous wineries in Georgia, which was established in 1993 in Telavi, on the basis of the oldest winery Telavi-2 (founded in 1976). Currently GWS owns 350 ha of vineyards. Most part of it is 15-25 years old. 280 ha is occupied by red grape species while the other 120 ha by white sorts (70% of grapes is represented by traditional Georgian sorts and 30% by internationally known ones).


The Company produces still, sparkling wines and high alcohol products known under the names of Tamada, Old Tbilisi, Adamanti, Vismino and Elibo. The company will shortly offer its customers a wine from its vineyards created by means of bio technology.