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Government Town Underway in Ortachala

A government town will be constructed in Ortachala, Tbilisi. Almost all Ministries will be located in the town, Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili told government meeting on March 23. A huge space has been selected for the project implementation, he added.

As part of governance reformation program, we have already started design works for a joint service office. We have decided to implement a government town project beside Business House project with the aim to improve quality of services. We have allocated a huge territory for the project implementation and a major part of Ministries will move there. As a result, a lot of office and hotel spaces will be freed in the center of Tbilisi.

“On the other hand, development sector will be promoted. An extensive space will be arranged, where many ministries will be located. As a result, this project will launch an essential new stage of services for physical and legal bodies”, Kvirikashvili said.