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Georgian tour-operator Discovery assessing their work in 2014

Discovery group is a company,oriented on growth and advance.

Discovery Group is a trustworthy partner in the field of tourism in Georgia! Our Company is open for either new partnership or offering all kind of tourist services and products. our high qualified team is very successful in this field as well

Simultaneously we are always looking for more innovate ways to improve our services, be flexible and offer more convenient product for our customers.

The cycle of the tourism department has grown in 2014 compared to the previous year – there has been notable increase in demand for both internal Georgian tours by foreign visitors, as well as for international tours from our own residents. It’s also worth noting that apart from mass-scale travel points (such as Turkey, Egypt, Dubai…), a lot of other countries have gained popularity in demand as well, including Europe, Israel, Indonesia, Morocco, Thailand. Interestingly, to-be travelers order full packets of the service, which includes flight plans, transfers, lodging, internal transportations and excursions, making our work process that much more interesting.

We hope that 2015 will be quite successful for us. The quality of our service defines trustworthiness and publicity, which we consider the best way to ensure the company’s objective advertisement and progress. We believe that, on one hand, the new leadership of the Georgian National Tourism Agency will greatly contribute in showcasing Georgia’s touristic potential in various foreign countries, which in turn will increase visitor numbers in our country. And on the other, the policy of the Ministry of External Affairs, which is geared towards ensuring our residents’ Visa-free travel in countries of the European Union, will benefit the development of Georgia’s tourism sector.