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Georgian Show Business Getting More Like a Business

First Every commercialized music video of Georgian Singer and Social Media Influencer Ekuna Kanchaveli Airs in Georgia.

Gotta Run music video was filmed in Georgia’s seaside town Batumi. “It is very difficult to attain success in show business in Georgia, because money is not invested in this field,” says producer of the singer. Many artists have to use their own financial resources to act in this field.

We want to change this paradigm and we believe it is possible to attract business sector for high-quality product and high-quality PR. CHCHX Production has made much contribution to implementing this idea and project and supported the clip shooting.

IMEDIA HUB has provided the creative and managerial part of the clip. Currently, the company ensures Ekuna’s producing.

The shooting process was carried out in Batumi in quite heavy conditions. Despite this, we have managed to shoot required pictures.

Our future plan is to shape a valuable teenager brand from Ekuna, as she, first of all, creates high-quality product for its segment and also represents a commercial interest, on the other hand. Today Ekuna is very popular among video bloggers and is the most famous face in this segment (-14-21 years old), however she could not shape valuable professional content because of certain financial and logistics problems.

At this stage, Ekuna cooperates with a creative agency and production, which ensures high-quality performance.

We should also mention he company that has beautified this new clip with its equipment – Inntech company. It is also the first company, which has taken such a risk and financed the clip.