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Georgian Railway Releases Special Statement to Dismiss Slanders about Stadler Double Decker Trains

Over the past days a certain wing of political parties and public organizations have been spreading misinformation in relation to Georgian Railway for discrediting the company image and reputation deliberately.

“Confused” persons are voicing completely ungrounded and slanderous statements via various media outlets concerning the innovative project that calls for empowering the Georgian railroad network by bi-level trains.

We would like to remind opponents that, unfortunately for you, electric trains of Swiss Company Stadler Bussnang AG will carry out comfortable transportation of passengers to the Black Sea direction by effective support of the Georgian Government and with huge efforts of Georgian Railway.

Four new trains are equipped with ultramodern safety systems and they satisfy all international standards. Technical characteristics of the train fully match the Georgian Railway network requirements and dimensions.

The rails width is 1520mm, while the length of a electric train is 101.7m and the width is 340cm. The height of the new electric train is 5240mm and is capable to transport 400 passengers.

To develop technical specifications, Georgian Railway has passed consultations with Deutsche Bahn experts. Georgian and German specialists have jointly determined technical parameters.

It is worth noting that Stadler Kiss model is designed to meet the needs of Persons with Disabilities. Special lifts and washrooms function for them in trains. Moreover, there is a special table at washrooms to care for babies. Stadler Kiss model train satisfies the Europe’s highest standards. These models run in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and other European countries.

Since its inception (1890) up to 1972, the Tsipi Tunnel was designated for single-direction railway traffic. Starting 1972 the Tsipi Tunnel was reconstructed and another railroad line was added. As a result of the reconstruction works, the configuration of the tunnel prevents passenger trains to meet each other in the tunnel. Stadler train will not be an exception either.

As to the speed specifications, taking into account complicated terrain and short-radius curves, the speed makes up 50km/h along the whole zone of the Pass for a passenger train and the factor of Stadler train has no relation with this issue.

We remind our opponents that Stadler train fully meets the requirements and standards applicable within the 1520mm space and matches the Georgian railway infrastructure (including with contact line specifications). We carry out planned works for maintenance and repair of the infrastructure on permanent basis.