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Georgian Railway Modernization Project Completes New Railroad Tunnel

The “Georgian Railway” modernization project will include various infrastructural improvements in the railroads sector.

In frames of the “Georgian Railway” modernization project, on June 5th the Prime-Minister of Georgia will be joined by the railway company and partnership fund leaders to celebrate the opening of a 962-meter tunnel near the train station “Dzirula.”

The project is also covering the construction of a new, double-rail railroad on the 22 kilometer Khashuri-Moliti section. Further plans include complete reconstruction of the Kharagauli-Zestaponi 23-kilometer railway section.

According to the project, a total amount of 6 railway tunnels are to be built. The “Georgian Railway” modernization project, the cost of which is 260 million Swiss Francs, will be completed by November 2019. As a result of the project, the accessibility of heavy loads will increase to 65 million tons a year. As for the construction of the alarm, centralization and the blocking systems, they will result in the overall heavy load accessibility on the entire railway increasing to 123 million tons.

Ecological risks will be minimized on the Moliti-Kharagauli railway section, operations issues connected to heavy load transportation will be made easier, and traveling time from Tbilisi to Batumi via train will be shortened by almost an hour.