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Georgian Railway Celebrated Professional Holiday

 The “Georgian Railway” awarded special employees of the Khashuri carriage staff on the solemn evening celebrating the professional day.

It was appointed and performed on a special passage by Stadler Kiss train for winners. Visitors at the site had the opportunity to visit the new technique in the festive atmosphere to get acquainted with the oldest things stored in the Railway Museum and listen to the best “Railway” band.

«Excellent Railway Employee», «Trusted Employee», «Reliable», «Railway Veteran», «Innovator Railway», «Best Manager», «Most Productive Employee», «Best Companion», «Most Operated», «Exemplary Railway Mother “,” Sample Railway “,” Best Team “,” Best Defender of Traffic Safety “and” Best Profession of the Year ” are the 14 nominations, according to which 125 distinguished railwaymen have been identified.

Mamuka Bakhtadze and the directors of the branches were handed over cash prizes and valuable gifts along with the certificates, Director General of JSC “Georgian Railway”  to the winners.

“Dear railway staff, congratulations on the day of the railway! I appreciate your gratitude and deep respect for each of you contributing to the development of our company! I am confident that with great efforts we have a lot of success ahead, “said Mamuka Bakhtadze, General Director of JSC” Georgian Railway “at the opening ceremony.