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Maka Batiashvili

Georgian Artists Exhibit at International Art Biennale Beijing-The Silk Road and World’s Civilization

7th International Art Biennale Beijing is themed The Silk Road and World’s Civilization. The opening was held on October 24 and exhibition will run through October 15 in China’s capital.

It holds at Beijing’s National Art Museum, participated by artists from 102 countries. 15 contemporary Georgian artists have exhibited their work at Biennale Art Exhibition and expressed themselves through various sculptures and paintings for the first time.

Artists are featured by Project ArtBeat and T.G. Nili Art Space. Georgian participants are: Maka Batiashvili (attended Beijing Biennale), Mai Lashauri, Lado Pochkhua, Levan Mindiashvili, Kako Topuria, Irakli Bugiani and Tamuna Melikishvili. Also: Maia Naveriani, Karlo Chechelashvili, Archil Tabagari, Beso Uznadze, Vakho Bugadze, Giorgi Gagoshidze, Lana Tsagareishvili and Tako Akhaltsishvili.

It is remarkable, that important cultural event coincides with 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Georgia and China.

Georgian Artist, Maka Batiashvili explains CBW the importance of participating in this year’s Biennale: “As we know, current year is the 25th anniversary of China and Georgia friendship. Georgia was a very special guest, exhibited in one big pavilion, participants would note how it brought even more diversity.

Georgian Embassy in China contributed to arrange that and made Georgia’s debut at Beijing’s Biennale remarkable. It was extremely interesting to see artworks from professional artists around the globe, meet them personally and exchange ideas”” A one-day international symposium was held on the next day of the opening ceremony.

Participants along with the spreading cultural forms in the form of applied art, also exchanged their attitude to the topic and discussed about the importance of Silk Road. Antanas Obcarskas, Lithuanian artist and lecturer in A Martiqnaits Art School of Kaunas shares his point of view of the Silk Road and Cross-Cultural Communication with CBW:

“Imagining Silk Road as a line that conveys much more than only transportation of commodities but it has an underlying idea that drew cultures together. In this age of turmoil and instability both in the East and the West we can reach out to the idea of Silk Road in search for inexhaustible compassion and cohabitation. Impression of the Silk Road gave me a chance to see an endless route for numerous travelers through ages who carried ideas back and forth. It symbolizes journey as an essential concept for living.”

It is reasonable to say that the 7th Beijing Biennale stands for a new pattern in today’s international easel art. Here every artist made his best to express his understanding of the spirit of the Silk Road and World Civilizations in artistic language.

“The Silk Road and the World Civilization talk about a movement between the East and the West. One of the very first trading routes establishment, the Silk Road is about communication and mutual development, it is about understanding each other through economy, cooperation and the mutual exchange if goods.

The underlying theme of the Silk Road is the mutual appreciation of culture,”-explains Xenia Benivolski, International Curator of the 7th Beijing Biennale According to Wang Yong, Researcher of Chinese National Academy of Arts, works exhibited in the 7th Beijing Biennale under the theme “The Silk Road and World Civilizations”, especially those foreign works, are obviously high in quality than those former sessions. “The decorative art of the Western Regions is worthy of attention and research as well as its character paintings, as it has both the decorative art of walls and the background decoration of a single figure.

It offers channel for us to explore Western end of the Silk Road”- says Zhou Jianpeng, Postdoctor of Scherlo of Arts at Peking University.

The next Beijing Art Biennale will bring artists together again in 2019.
By Nina Gomarteli

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