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Georgia on Economist’s Countries with Most Published Boooks

UK based Economist uploads a table showing top six countries by published books in 2013, Georgia is listed 5th.

According to The Economist, Georgia published 1,547 million titles per capita, which is a quite large number.

Over the year ago, Georgia was named among 5 countries by published books in 2014. According to the data, 1547 books were published in the country last year.

In 2013, 184,000 titles were produced – the equivalent of 2,870 titles per million inhabitants when population is taken into account. Britain produces more books per capita than any other country, according to the International Publishers Association.

In 2013 Britain published 184,000 books. Thats 504 titles every day or 21 every hour.

China and the US produced more overall titles – 444,000 and 304,912 titles respectively. However per capita, the US ranked 12th and China 25th.

Georgia is actively promoting its publishing sector and encouraging youth to read more, by translating world’s latest bestsellers, moreover many new writers appear in this field.