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Geological Science Conference Held at GTU with the Support of RMG

Today, the Fourth International Scientific Conference, organized by the Georgian Mineral Society, was opened at Georgian Technical University with the tagline “The strength of the geological field is a prerequisite for economic revival.”

The main theme of the two-day conference, which brings together the 26 rapporteurs in the field of geology and will combine five thematic speeches and discussions of innovations and challenges in geology. The conference is dedicated to the famous Georgian geologists Aleksandre Janelidze, Kalistrate Gabunia, Giorgi Zaridze and Ioseb Buchidze.

The sponsor and supporter of the Fourth International Scientific Conference is the company RMG.

As part of the memorandum signed between RMG and Georgian Technical University in 2017, the company will cooperate with the faculties of mini-geological and chemical technology and metallurgy to support students’ practice and employment.

“I am glad that as part of the memorandum signed between us, we have become partners and supporters of many interesting and educational events. Based on RMG policy, we pay great attention to close cooperation with various higher-education institutions. Technical University is a very good example of this relationship. The students are studying our factories every year and are our scholars at the same time. The successful future of our enterprise is largely related to successful young people,” said Johnny Shubitidze, the executive director of RMG.