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Five Countries Buy Georgian Animated Film Distribution Rights

Rights for distribution of Georgian animated film GENO has been sold in five countries – Japan, Korea, France, Span and the USA.

The parties have already signed contract. Distribution process will start in the near future. Schedule of demonstrations will be finished by Los Angeles Disney move theater.

GENO is Georgia’s first 3D animated film created with the support of Georgian National Film Center.

The film narrates about story of toad GENO and its neighbors, which have to forget different worldviews because of construction works around their lake and to fight together for common goal – to rescue their home.

GENO is one of the most successful animated Georgian films over the past period. Its premiere was held at Ansi international film festival and since then the film has deserved a lot of prestigious international awards. Recently, the film was handed over a main prize at ICFF Festival, one of the biggest festivals of animated films in Asia.