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Experience the Future at Oracle Day in Georgia

At the business conference, executives of Georgian enterprises will learn about the latest innovations and the implementation of new programs in Georgia.

 Oracle announces Oracle Day 2018 in Tbilisi on February, 21. During the conference Georgian IT leaders will learn how to transform a business model and optimize the processes of any industry in the digital era with Oracle technologies. Oracle Cluster Leader Russia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus Oleg Zhukov will open the event with a special keynote welcoming all the participants. Oracle executives and experts will present new programs and the latest innovations for Georgian businesses. Participants will explore the cloud ecosystems together with Oracle to accelerate their company’s transition to the digital world and arm themselves with the benefits of data processing.

We live in the new era, when the possibilities of promising technologies – artificial intelligence and machine learning, clouds, predictive analytics – break the stereotypes of previous business models, processes and solutions. What is the role of the business areas for institutions that want to keep updated and leaders in a market with increasingly innovative formats? The Oracle Day program is designed to help find answers to the most crucial questions.

Digital transformation is becoming a fact. What only recently was an intriguing trend, is now a reality and a new imperative in business management. It covers both technological changes (using state-of-the-art software or hardware) and the transformation of organizations’ management model. Oracle organizes the conference that will focus on the latest trends in business IT.

This year, the key subjects are

  • Cloud – the place to be
  • Cyber Defense & Compliance with Oracle Information Security Solutions
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud: a single platform for Business Intelligence and Data Discovery
  • Modern Data Warehouses on Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Oracle Intelligent Chatbots
  • New features of Oracle Database 18c. and the new DBMS focus – Autonomous Database.

Take part in the Oracle Day Conference and learn how Oracle can help you to transform your future today.

To participate in the event please register online here https://eventreg.oracle.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKwebID=0x530177abcd&source=EMMK171123P00026:OW:ES:LV and receive confirmation from the organizers of the conference.