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European Week begins in Georgia

European Week Begins in Georgia

A week-long event dedicated to highlighting Georgia’s cooperation with the European Union (EU) has launched in Georgia.

This morning European Week began in Georgia, while Tbilisi City Council will officially mark the opening of the week-long festival this afternoon.
For the next seven days, various activities will be held across the whole country, including festivals, lectures, public events and a diverse range of cultural and artistic presentations. The event aimed to raise public awareness on the current cooperation between Georgia and the EU, showcase various European cultures and traditions, and detail Georgia’s progress towards EU integration. Organisers noted European Week was one of the important events envisaged by the Action Plan of the EU Integration Communication and Information Strategy.

Today, on the first day of European week, former president of the Republic of Latvia Valdis Zatlers will deliver a public lecture at Tbilisi State University. The official opening ceremony of the celebration will be held this afternoon at Tbilisi City Council, with an exhibition of comic books and a presentation of the ‘European way – it is my choice’ illustrated booklet. Tomorrow, Zatlers will travel to Gori and address the Ministry of Defence cadets. Later, he will also meet with Georgian experts in Tbilisi and discuss the challenges of European security. In addition, an exhibition called ‘Donbass – Peace and War’ will be held at the Occupation Museum following the initiative of the Georgian Parliament. Before European Week ends on May 11, many other activities are also scheduled, including simulation of European Parliament by Georgian students, a Youth Forum on the issues of Georgia’s European integration and debates on the topic of the EU among Georgian students.