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EU-supported Cooperatives Took Part in a Study Tour in the Netherlands

ENPARD implementing partner organisation, CARE International in the Caucasus organised a study tour in the Netherlands for its 7 supported cooperatives: Zaneli, Natanebi, Shamatia, Agroland Abasha, Green Leaf, Khorgis Satburebi and Dk-Kolga. The tour took place between 18th and 22nd September 2017, under the project “Cooperation for Rural Prosperity in Georgia” funded by the EU through ENPARD programme in Georgia.

The study tour was organized in cooperation with HollandDoor Cooperative U.A and with the Georgian Farmers Association (GFA), and has allowed the acquaintance of CARE-supported cooperatives with the vegetable and strawberry sector in Netherlands.

The 4-day intensive study tour included visits to a wide range of actors in the Netherlands, representing the entire value chains of vegetable and strawberry. The cooperative members visited Dutch seeds company, nursery, substrates and growing system companies, innovation center and several strawberry and vegetable exporter farmers, who produce production in the greenhouse as well as in open field.

The visits aimed at establishing a long-term relationship and partnership among Georgian and Dutch farmers and companies in order to support and implement best practices in Georgia. Mostly the meetings were focused on the methods and models in cultivation and postharvest that can be applicable in the circumstances of Georgia.

The last day of the study tour ENPARD supported cooperatives visited Dutch farmers’ association, where the cooperation principles were explained. They shared their experience and showed the history how the cooperation movement started in Netherlands, which is considered to be a guarantee of Dutch farmers’ success in agricultural sector.