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Contemporary Ceramic Works in the Apartment Design


A young painter and ceramist, Elene Chlaidze has quite a lot of experience in her field. She teaches children her art skills is one of the galleries in Tbilisi and she is also engaged with painting icons. Except that,she painted child room recently and she talks about the interior fashion tendency

For example, I have 3 bedroom apartments. I want to decorate bathroom with ceramic items and put a big ceramic flower vase in the living room. Would this be affordable? 

-It does not require big amount of money. It depends on the material, the size and shape of the item. Therefore, it can be from 5o to 100 GEL or even more. It always depends on the factors mentioned above.

-If we talk about the interior design, there are few people in Georgia which hire designers for their apartments. This is not only because they spare money but also because they think its not necessary. Has it changed recently?


– Partly it has changed. People understood that they need designer and if they can afford it, they consider their advice. Nowadays, designers have an access to to go abroad and improve their qualifications. Internet plays a very important role as well.  Except ceramics, they usually ask me to paint the wall. I did it few times for children and it turned out really nice. 

There are more colors in the interior. Before, one room was one color and the other one was another. Now you can combine colors in the same room. It is possible to locate ceramic items in a colorful room or would it be extra?

Of course it is possible. I think that it is always better to choose simple colors so that furniture and other items will be more easily compatible. The attitude towards color is also obvious from clothes. Georgians prefer dark clothes but it is changing recently. The people which don’t like colorful clothes try to choose only one color for their flats too because it is more comfortable for them.