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Company RMG to Spend 30 Million GEL to Improve Ecological Background

The company RMG has launched an environmental project aimed at solving ecological problems. The executive director of the company Johnny Shubitidze said in an interview with “Banks and Finance”. As Shubitidze explains, the company intends to spend 30 million GEL in the total project.

“Only in these days we have planted 10000 trees in Martkopi and we have many other events coming up. Society already knows that the direction of the environment is a priority for the company. Since 2017 we have an environmental program that has been implemented for 3 years, the state has given us a very short time, we need to show outcome as expectations are big and we are obliged to fulfill our task. 30 million GEL will be spent on the environment and reducing the risks,”- Shubitidze said.

According to him, conditions of employees at industry is very important topic for the company. In recent years, the number of injured people has significantly increased in the country. That’s why labor safety is one of the directions of RMG, and they are working actively in this regard.

“Our activities go through high-risk activities and believe me, no matter if new technologies are used, risks still exist. Fortunately, nothing negative has happened to us as we meet modern safety standards. We have a new head of labor service, international expert. Besides, all our employees benefit from medical insurance and free social programs.

We employ more than 3000 people, 90% of them is local population. Average salary of these employees is 1300-1400 GEL. Within the social responsibility, all of them are provided with insurance and free meals. We take care of each of the member. It’s noteworthy that each project means new job places, namely, a new project of Tetritskaro is an opportunity for locals to get employed. Every project means new infrastructure, roads, supporting schools and kindergartens and activities for locals. That’s how it goes where we enter,”-Shubitidze said.