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CNN Listed Georgia Among Top 16 up-and-coming Destinations

International broadcasting channel CNN writes an article offering readers “hot places of 2016”.

CNN writes that the best stories are the ones which arise from less traveled roads, As new routes launch, developing nations welcome tourism and closed-off regions emerge.

Article outlines that the list is conducted from experts and pros who thrive and survive on travel to new frontiers.

Whether it’s staring into the eyes of a wild mountain gorilla in Uganda, snorkeling amidst stingless jellyfish in Palau or drinking yak butter tea with nomads in a ger in the Gobi,we’re spoiled for choice with these 16 emerging destinations for 2016.

A land of medieval architecture, timeless culture and staggering scenery, Georgia is simply stunning.

Article also mentions the special location of Georgia which is blessed with 750 miles of Southern Caucasus mountains, that invites horse riders and skiers.

Snow-encrusted summits descend into vast valleys, where age-old villages are dotted with ancient churches and watchtowers, between rolling vineyards.

Apart from this CNN offers its readers some latest news from Georgia, including cheap flights, improved infrastructure and accommodation.

“This region could benefit from some of the turmoil in the Middle East, offering similar travel highlights, albeit in a different cultural and topological makeup,” says Bealby of Wild Frontiers.

When to visit: February to November. May 26 is Independence Day.