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Circus UFO from Another Planet Arrives in Tbilisi

Zapashny brothers Production Center prepares a great surprise for Georgian viewers. Worldwide famous circus show will be held on 11th of November, just for one day.

UFO” – this is a fantastic circus show, the story line of which takes place on a board of the space saucer. A Man from Earth, kidnapped by the inhabitants of the distant galaxies became an involuntary guest of the aliens’ spacecraft.

Once on the ship, a prisoner met with the extraterrestrial intelligence and civilization, discovering for himself the secret depths of our Universe.

This fantastic circus show offers to the spectators the adventures, breathtaking flights of the space crafts and unidentified flying objects under the big top, the meetings with the mysterious creatures, circus acts on the verge of “inhuman possibilities” performed by the acrobats, gymnasts, jugglers, clowns and other artists.

The author’s music, modern light and laser installation, new sound and video technologies, creating a deep space sense of ” the planetary images”, “galactic landscapes,” “space flight” and “extraterrestrial beauty” – all this and even more in the new circus show UFO.