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Caucasian Shepherd 1st on Top 10 Guard Dog List

Dogs can be the best companions of humans with their loyalty and unconditional love they provide to their owners. They can also be the best protectors of one’s home and business. An American electronic security company Protection 1 conducted a study to find the safest guard dogs for your business and home. Caucasian Shepherd occupies the first place on its top ten list. It makes sense, the Caucasian Shepherd is a very unique breed — it has a lovable friendly demeanor, but having been bred specifically to guard livestock, makes these dogs very protective of their owners.

“This breed is naturally protective of everything in its home. Extremely wary of strangers, this dog needs an experienced owner, as without proper training this breed can be very dangerous,” — reads the American company’s description of the Caucasus-born dog.

Other dogs on the list include German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, and Tibetan Mastiff. See the engaging infographic with the laconic security-oriented descriptions of the dog breeds below: