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Auction Entitled Who Does She Think She is? to be Held at Rooms

Event Start Date: 27 Dec, 2018 - Event End Date: 27 Dec, 2018

Initial Not a Charity Auction was held in February 2018. It presented the work of newcomers as well as celebrated artists from the Georgian art scene. ‘Not a Charity Auction’ is the auction house, which organizes events around many varieties of concepts and subjects. The house aims to establish the institution which supports newcomer artists and contribute to the art market growth in Georgia.

In Georgia as in anywhere else around the world, women artists faced the difficulty of underestimation of their work compared to men. 2017 year reports show that 100 most expensive artworks include 13 female artists. For example, the paintings of the most expensive woman artist in Georgia Elene Akhvlediani, cost much less than the work of male artists of her times.

How have women been represented in art for the last 20 years? In process of organizing and research for the second auction, we observed inequality in the worldwide art market. The gender imbalance still overtakes the art market in the world, as well as in Georgia. We, in fact, are Georgian female artists and we still face the unfairness of the world around us. That’s why we decided to focus on art created by women. To emphasize the issues and build the discussion about that matter. Alongside our source of inspiration became “women’s place” in male artists’ work, what is femininity and what does it have to do with gender. We want to expose how women’s vision and attitude towards their work have changed and developed throughout times. Therefore, the auction presents pieces of art created by diverse generations using different media. Intimate scenery painting by Thea Gvetadze emphasizes the bold spirit of modern woman. Ceramic object by Lia Bagrationi also draws attention because of its extraordinary technique. Digital painting by Anna Jibladze, Ceramic bas-relief of Giorgi Khaniashvili and photo from series “River Kochki” shot by Natela Grigalashvili.

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List of Artists:
Salome Chigilashvili
Levan Chelidze
Tata Potskhverashvili
Alkesandre Beglarishvili
Anastasia Akhvlediani
Ana Jibladze
Lia Shvelidze
Mariam Kalabegashvili
Shotiko Aptsiauri
Lia Bagrationi
Anka Gujabidze
Maia Naveriani
Natela Grigalashvili
Ana TsoTsonava
Tutu Kiladze
Mariam Aqubardia
Nino Sakandelidze
Nino Qvrivishvili
Uta Beqaia
Salome Jokhadze
Teo Maspindzelashvili
Tamar Khmiadashvili
Tea Gvetadze
Tamar Nadiradze
Salome Dumbadze
Maka Batiashvili
Giorgi Khaniashvili

Date: 27 December, Thursday
Registration: 19:00 – 21:00
Auction : 21:00
Location: 14 Merab Kostava st. ROOMS HOTEL, Garden Hall.