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Artificial Intelligence by Giorgi Chakhnashvili VS Google

Google now has a competitor. Digital mind, same as artificial intelligence is a product created by Georgian genius 16 year-old Giorgi Chakhnashvili. 

Artificial intelligence orally and in written form responses to questions on marketing, management and tourism issues. Among them, the ability to get a high level of education also gives people with special needs.

Artificial intelligence also holds the study materials of master and doctoral studies, which will enable students to study fast and quality.

Giorgi Chakhnashvili created the program within six months and it unites 4000 books in three directions. Until September, the young innovator plans to teach artificial intelligence more than 5 specialties.

The Georgian version of the program already exists and will launch at the University of Business and Technology from September 1. However, due to the interest of many countries of the world in introduction of Artificial Intelligence by Giorgi, it will soon begin in European countries with the perfect version in English. 

The University of Business and Technology is a major contributor to the production. The rector of the University Mikheil Batiashvili provided full technical and consulting support to Giorgi.