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Archil Cheishvili Founded Technological Company Palatine Analytics in the US

23-year-old Georgian, Archil Cheishvili founded technological company Palatine Analytics with his friends. Before that, he was the first Georgian guy to have studied at the BA program of Economics at Harvard University. 

“I had a dream since my childhood to make peoples’ lives better. I knew I had to get a good education to achieve my goal. With the support of god, family, teachers and friends, I was enrolled in Harvard.”

While studying at Harvard, Archil was a president of three student organizations and the founder of one of them. He was a president of one of the oldest and largest student organization – Harvard College Entrepreneurship Forum.

At the end of the third year, a young economist started working at the largest Hedge Fund “Bridgewater Associates”. He was one of the youngest employees at the company and he implemented investments at the stock exchange. Archil had an experience in this field, because he had been investing at the stock exchange since he was 14.

Currently, Archil is a co-founder and director of technological company Palatine Analytics.

“I created the company with people from my university, the ones who were successful in Harvard and had an experience of working for Google and Facebook. Our company works on the development of artificial intelligence of the next generation, which helps different companies to be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. My aim is to create a global technological company which will change peoples’ lives for the better “- saysArchil Cheishvili.