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Anzor Kokoladze-Convicted for Fraud Libels Again

Anzor Kokoladze, convicted for fraud, presented another defamatory statement against TBC Bank by the pre-election period. As it Seems, Kokoladze demands pardon of illegal action from all three: the state, private business and the court.

The Prosecutor’s Office still investigates the case of illegal income of Kokoladze and has already been convicted of fraud. He makes decision to attack TBC bank again, Which of the dispute “Elit Electronics” has been a subject, and lost the case three times.

Anzor Kokoladze violated loan agreement. The bank suffered a loss of several millions, which, along with other legal actions, needed to sell 55% of the Elite-Electronics shares, and planning strategy to save the company.

As for the legal dispute concerning the legality of sale of shares by TBC Bank – TBC Bank had a civil dispute with Kokoladze 7 years ago. This dispute started in the city court, in particular, raising the case against TBC Bank and demanding the invalidation of the contract on which 55% of the shares of “Elit-Electronics” were transferred to the Bank for realization and loan liability.

The bank has won this dispute in all three instances. Tbilisi City Court did not satisfy the claim of Kokoladze, Kokoladze’s cassation complaint was inadmissible and was not considered.