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Ana Chubinidze’s Animation ‘The Pocket Man’ wins 10 Awards

The first Georgian-French co-production, the animation “Pocket Man” continues to win international awards. “Pocket Man” is an animated film by Ana Chubinidze based on film studio “Trace XXI”.

The animated film was set in French film theaters and was shown in 185 cinemas between September 27 and October 31, 2017.

“Pocket Man” has won 10 international prizes in the last 3 months:

Best Animated Film – International Kids Film Festival of Sargaia, United Arab Emirates, 2017;
Best Children’s Film – International Festival of Taiwan Kids Film Festival, Taiwan, 2017;
The prize “Lumières Numériques” – Sandpoltu, France, 2017;
Best Child Animated Film – International Festival of Animated Film Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017;
Best Child Short Film – Animation, Palermo International Film Festival, Brazil, 2017;
Best Kids Film – Professional Jury Award, London International Film Festival, Great Britain, 2017;
Best Children’s Film – Audience Award, International Film Festival of London Animations, Great Britain, 2017;
Award from Schools (5/6 age category) – European Short Film Animation of Brest, France, 2017;
Best Short Feature Film – Jury of Children, Nudel, India, 2017;
Children’s Award – Animix Skopje Festival, Macedonia, 2017;

“Pocket man” tells about a little man who lives in a suitcase. After a meeting with the blind elder, he continues to live in his pocket. This is a story about friendship and support for each other.

The film is created with the support of the National Film Center.