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Ambassador of Poland: “Georgia is Safe, Beautiful, Worth Visiting”

Polish President Andrzej Duda’s visit to Georgia begins. It will be devoted to both bilateral issues and international issues, including Georgia’s integration in the EU and NATO, as well as its conflict with Russia.

H.E. Mariusz Maszkiewicz, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Georgia, spoke about Polish-Georgian relations on Polish Radio.

He reminded that in 2018 we will celebrate the centenary of establishing Polish-Georgian relations: “It’s a hundred years of intense contact. The Georgians who had to flee from the Bolsheviks found their second homeland, Poland. During the occupation many of them were killed in Katyn, the Warsaw Uprising, they were real heroes and they were in our memory”, – he said.

Mariusz Maszkiewicz pointed out that Poles and Georgians feel a mutual sympathy, and that “love at first sight” dates back to when the first Polish exiles arrived in the Caucasus: “The Georgians value us, Poles, above all for our effectiveness, the strength of our presence in Europe, in the sense of the Union, which also depends on Poland’s important contribution. We appreciate that we have the voice, that we can, in spite of many others, promote our eastern neighbors, that we are an advocate of Georgian Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” – he pointed out. He added that Poland, investing in good relations with Georgia, invests in security.

However, the Ambassador stressed that there are still several issues that can be improved, including poor economic exchange. “Georgia is not a very attractive market, but there is a lot of potential in terms of agri-food and service cooperation. Small businesses have experience to transfer. And as you enter Georgia you can enter the whole region,” – he explained.

The Ambassador of Poland pointed out that poor economic exchanges could also improve thanks to the presence of the Polish tourists. “Georgia is safe, beautiful, it is worth visiting,” he concluded.

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