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Amazing Pictures of Soviet Tbilisi

The architecture in the city is a mixture of local (Georgian), with strong influences of Byzantine, European/Russian and Middle Eastern architectural styles.

The oldest parts of town, including the Abanot-Ubani, Avlabari, and to a certain extent the Sololaki districts clearly have a traditional Georgian architectural look with Middle Eastern influences.

The areas of Tbilisi which were built up mainly in the 19th century (Rustaveli Avenue, Vera district, etc.) have contrasting European/Russian (neoclassical) look. The turn of the 20th century was marked with an architectural revival, notably, with an art nouveau style.

With the establishment of the communist government the style was decreed as bourgeois and largely neglected. Architecture of the later 20th century can mainly be identified with the type of building style that was common during the Soviet Era throughout the Soviet Union.