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Alliance Group Holding Opens the first Finnish School in the Caucasus Region

Alliance Group Holding plans to open the first Finnish School in Saguramo, in partnership with Finland’s leading education consortium. The Finnish education system is recognized to be the best in the world.

Aieti Kukava, CEO of Alliance Group Holding talks about the importance of the Finnish School project:

Alliance Group Holding is known to be one of the most reliable and innovative  company in the Georgian financial and consulting sector. What are the main motivators of your engagement in the education sector?

 Alliance Group Holding was established in 2005 by Georgian, American and European Shareholders. The company manages subsidiary companies with diversified core businesses in various financial and consulting sectors.

The goal of our company is to focus on those business sectors that are pivotal for the country. Finland is well established leader in launching the successful innovative start-up projects performed by youngsters and the majority of those projects have turned into billion dollar investment companies. The success of the Finland is reflected not only in the worldwide high ratings, but also in successful projects implemented in practice.

Georgian society is interested in Finnish education to be introduced in Georgia, this motivated us to establish links with Finnish businesses and Government, visit Finland, meet with the Finnish education sector officials. The management of Alliance Group Holding visited various Finnish schools and studied Finnish schooling system in details. As a result, we signed the agreement with the leading Finnish education consortium and launched the strategically important education project for the country.

What is the main concept and objective of opening the Finnish school?

 From 2012, Finland is the leader in the primary and secondary education systems world rankings. Finnish pupils show the best results in the world according to knowledge and school skills.

Finnish education system is unique not only for its high education standards, but also for outstanding academic learning processes, spectacular, convenient, comfortable, ergonomic facilities that is tailored to individual needs of each pupil, convenient architecture and high quality of construction. Consequently, the high standards of the Finnish education system is the best solution to increase the competitiveness of the education system of our country.

It is universally accepted fact, that the pupils in primary education are more dependent on the teachers, than the students on the professors at the universities. It is our main goal to offer the best and utterly customized schooling system both to the pupils and their parents.

That is the main reason why Alliance Group Holding selected the leading Finnish education consortium that has a profound experience in implementing the large-scale projects both in Finland and International markets. It is important to note, that the consortium entails the organizations from education, architecture and construction sectors that actively work together with the representatives of Alliance Group Holding towards the successful implementation of the Finnish school project.

Why have you chosen Saguramo to build Finnish school there?

„Alliance Group Holding“ aims Finnish school to be one of the visible and exemplary not only in Georgia, but also in Caucasus region.  Saguramo is a place that has an appropriate space,  cozy and ecologically clean environment for the learning process, which is necessary for the complete functioning of Finnish school.

The priority for us was to choose a location near nature because one of the driving factors of Finnish learning system is to get knowledge outside of academic walls.

Have you selected teachers for Finnish School and what requirements should they meet?

The main part of school management will be staffed by Finnish professionals. Invited teachers from Finland will also be employed at school. Besides, it is planned to conduct seminars in advanced training by specially invited Finnish lecturers and international certificates will be issued by the Finnish accredited educational organization. Accordingly, any teacher willing to become a Finnish school teacher is required to pass the certification process.

What is the Finnish School investment capital?

It is planned to invest 15-20 Million Euros, both directly in the school and  development of adjacent infrastructure.