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Georgia Autum

5 Best Autumn Places in Georgia

Sometimes it is hard to plan a vacation in Georgia, knowing how many interesting places are waiting for you there.

We decided to help you a bit by choosing our five favourite autumn destinations – of course, except of Tbilisi, which is always attractive, and Batumi, in all its Indian summer glory. Autumn is the time of harvest, the time of conceiving new wine and the time of stunning beauty of the landscapes around. So, where should you go to feel magic of this season?

1. Kvareli

Our number one is a town Kvareli in Kakheti region, which is home to the two largest wine producers, “Kindzmarauli” and “Khareba”, therefore, it is an important point at any wine route. The secrets of winemaking can be disclosed is in Kvareli, as you watch the wine being produced according to the typical Georgian tradition, or to the European technology as well.
Also in Kvareli Municipality there are several wonderful lakes, where you can have a really relaxing pleasant time, and also significant cultural and historical monuments – such as monasteries Gremi and Nekresi. This place is rich in both nature and culture – why not to go there?

2. Sighnaghi

It is impossible to get rid of romantic mood in fall: even many poets and artists were pretty vulnerable to this seasonal charm! In Sighnaghi you won’t hide from love: it is that beautiful toy town, where one just wants to hold hands, sharing fantastic moments with your special one, and then immediately go to the 24/7 registry office and make your feelings a bit more formal.
Joking aside, you can really see a lot of beauty. For example, Alazani Valley panorama from long old city walls. Or Pirosmani paintings in the museum. Or the glare of the sun in a glass of young Kakhetian wine. What kind of beauty do you prefer?

3. Borjomi

After wine stories it would be reasonable to talk about Borjomi. Or, “Borjomi”, if you mean that famous water. But in general, this resort is more than just birthplace of miraculous mineral water! Strolling through Central Park, visiting the outdoor sulfur water pools, hiking in the National Park of Borjomi-Kharagauli, relaxing in a spa in one of the upscale hotels or uniting with nature in a small guest house – you can find different options for recreation, and all of them will improve your health!
Magical Borjomi water is still possible to drink straight from the spring. Even from the two. In Central Park. Be sure to prepare an empty bottle or two to share this healthy drink with your family and friends!

4. Akhaltsikhe

Akhaltsikhe is relatively close to Borjomi. On the way you can visit several old fortresses – Khertvisi and Tmogvi, for example. And in the town there is a huge well-renovated fortress complex Rabati, which includes a museum inside of the palace, a synagogue, a mosque, a church, a registry office, and several hotels and cafes.
Wow, what a combination, you may say. Yes, Rabati is an amazing place: multicultural, multi-ethnic, like our country itself, and, of course, very beautiful! More and more couples come there to have a pre-wedding or wedding photo shooting: everyone wants to feel like a royal on such an important day.
Traces of one of the most important royal figures in the history of Georgia, Queen Tamar, can be found in the cave town Vardzia, which is also located near Akhaltsikhe. During its Golden Age there lived more than ten thousand people!

5. Kazbegi

It is impossible to describe how majestic is look of Kazbegi mountain peak, when the clouds disperse in front of it. Even more difficult is to describe the autumn air in the mountains, so clear, so transparent! Stepantsminda village, located at the foot of Kazbegi mount, is one of the most easily accessible mountainous places in the autumn. Treat you with such a pleasure to admire the autumn colours of mountains, to go up to Gergeti church on the hilltop, to sit above the clouds, and to warm up with hot tea or chacha after turning back to village.