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22nd International Student Conference in Tbilisi

On 22nd of October, there will be the biggest Students Regional Conference organized in the Caucasian Region named “European Students for Liberty”, in the National Library of Georgian Parliament.

The most part of conference will be dedicated to discuss classical liberal principles, such as: Individual freedom, the role of state in the free society, free market and etc. The working language of conference is English.

University Students can register to take part in the conference from the following website: esflconferences.org/conference/2016-tbilisi-regional-conference/


  • Pierre Garello- Institute For European Studies, Director (France)
  • Eid Hammer- European Students For Liberty, the head of executive council (Denmark)
  • Lawrence Reed-  Foundation for Economic Education,  President (USA)
  • Paata sheshelidze- New Economis School, President (Georgia)
  • Federico Fernandez-  Fundación Bases, Director (Argentina)
  • Ovidu Cherney- Japan Tobacco International,  South Caucasus, Corporate Affairs and Communications, Director (Britain)
  • Alekandr Kokotovic- European Students For Liberty, the program director, (Serbia)
  • Anastasia Bendukidze- The foundation of knowledge, Director (Georgia)

In the frame of conference, students have an opportunity to ask questions and be actively involved in the discussion.

To register for conference is free.  The costs of educational materials, food and evening party will be covered by the supporter organizations of the conference.


  • European Students For Liberty
  • Friedrich Naumann Foundation For Freedom South Caucasus
  • Subway Georgia
  • DIVExFabrika

Organizator: Georgian Students For Liberty